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One-on-one, Professional Notarial Services in North Burnaby

The office of Jacqueline Kinsey, Notary Public, has been in business in North Burnaby for over 25 years. We have built strong relationships with our clients as well as the North Burnaby community as a whole. We take pride in making sure that every client receives personal service and knowledgeable advice. We never rush our clients through the paper work and we treat each client and transaction on a one-on-one basis.

Real Estate Transactions

We provide conveyancing services for the purchase and sale of properties throughout British Columbia. This includes real and leasehold properties as well as manufactured homes. Whether you are using the services of a real estate agent and/or mortgage broker or entering into a private transaction, we can assist you with your:

Property purchases and sales

New construction pre-sale purchases from developers

Title transfers between related parties

Title transmission to surviving joint tenants

Registration of your mortgage refinance and line-of-credit

Mortgage payout and discharge registrations

Property and Mortgage deed sit on top of plans

For assistance with your real estate or mortgage transaction, please call us for an appointment.


Personal Planning

Couple meeting with financial adviser

For assistance with your personal planning documents, please call us for an appointment.

Whether you are starting a new career, a new family or planning your retirement, having your personal planning documents properly prepared is a huge step forward in taking care of your loved ones. We can help by sitting down with you, discussing your needs and wants, and taking care of the paperwork.


We can assist you with your:



Power of Attorney (enduring, general, limited)

Representation Agreement

Advance Directive



As your trusted notary public, Jacqueline will ensure your document is correctly notarized and in a form that is necessary to accomplish the required task.


Notarization services we can provide:

Statutory Declarations

Affidavits and exhibits

Certified true copies

Travel consent letters

Invitation letters

Proof-of-loss (insurance) forms

Proof-of-life forms

Out-of-province documents

Notary public ink stamp on signed document.

For assistance with your notarizations, please call us for an appointment.


We Are Here to Help!

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